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„Printed” necklaces

„Printed” necklaces

„Printed” necklaces While I was learning the art of polymer clay, I was lucky enough to stumble across Moiko silkscreens, a new and fun way to enjoy and craft polymer clay. They are created by a skilled Polish artist who came up with the idea of making her own originals silkscreens. The company is a dynamic and fast growing endeavor, with customers all over the world. For those intrigued by the product, I highly recommend visiting the website as new designs are constantly being added. I do my best to keep up with the multitude of patterns and use them when making my jewelry.

Fancy something? Guaranteed uniqueness, one of the kind?


The print is the contour of my work, I fill it with colors to create these colorful compositions.

Polymer clay is incredibly versatile and easy to use. The sky is the limit when it comes to coming up with new uses for it. I have fallen in love with this material and it has become a perfect creative outlet for me. If you wish to try your hand at polymer clay then I’ll be waiting for you at our next workshop. 

Polymer clay occurs in many colors. Here you can see the imprint on white clay, but in my shop you will find various works made by combining different colors. It is durable and light and can be adorned beautifully.

I am glad that I could tell you very briefly about the polymer clay and show the decorating with the screen printing method.

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