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Acrylic painted polymer clay necklace. It was made of metallic acrylic paints, and the application of several layers of transparent clay makes the decor has a 3D dimension. Mounted on a purple jewelery chain.
The navy blue polymer bracelet is made by hand from clay with a slightly pearly glow. The bracelet consists of bells and flowers of irregular size. The bracelet has a length of 22 cm, which gives you the opportunity to adjust it to your own wrist odor.
Flow blue necklace is a ball with a diameter of about 3 cm with 10 handmade polymer flowers. The necklace is light and delicate. Flowers are hung on a very nice blue shiny chain about 60 cm long. You can adjust the length of the necklace.
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Very interesting short flower earrings. 7 hand-made blue flowers made of polymer mass. Stainless steel sticks. Earring diameter approx. 15 mm.
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Small bells bracelet is very light. It was made by hand from a polymer mass. The bracelet is multi-colored gray-green finished with a pink iridescent paste, which makes it look nice with a shade of pink. Small bells were hung on a steel chain. Bell diameter about 8-9 mm.
Polymer clay bracelet with silver bells in romantic style.
Bracelet with agate, opal, hematite, coral, jade, aventurine and tiny flowers made of polymer.
Bracelet with various beads: crystals, acrylic on silver leather strap. Stainless steel magnetic clasp. Hand size up to 17,5 cm.
Flower ball necklace in pearly, gray and pink. Made by hand from a polymer clay. The size of the flowers about 9 mm, and the entire ball about 2.5 cm. Stainless steel chain with a length of about 60 cm with the possibility of extension about 3 cm.
Pink Flow bracelet with flowers. The bracelet is light. Flowers about size 1-1.5 cm suspended on a chain of silver and gold. The flowers were made by hand from polymer clay. In addition, 4 mm hematite beads are suspended between the flowers. The bracelet is fastened with a snap hook, which makes it possible to match the hand's circumference.
Necklace with hande made fabric flowers
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Hanging earrings in the color of dark olive. Flowers made of polymer clay from Cernit. Hung on silver fish eye. Length of the entire earring 3.5 cm.
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A long necklace with powder pink pearls. Additional decorations of the necklace are small flowers made of polymer clay in pink. Flowers from 8 mm to 12 mm in size. Stainless steel chain. The necklace is very light and delicate.
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Necklace on a steel cord in a purple eagle. Necklace made of polymer mass with print and finished to a high gloss. Print made by screens of the Polish company Moiko silk screens. Red, purple and gray decorations.
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