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A spring brooch insect 4 cm long and 3 cm wide. A beautiful brooch with a large glass crystal in the color of spring green. Worm wings embroidered with colorful small glass beads. It is lined with white skin. Made very carefully and can be an unusual addition to your favorite sweater, blouse or dress. Brooch fastened with a safety pin.
Earrings with pastel print. Printed by the method of multiple screen printing with the screens of the Polish brand Moiko silkscreen. Earrings length with clasp 6 cm.
Bracelet with small 6-8 mm flowers. It was made by hand from a black polymer mass. 12 hand-made flowers additionally decorated with silver hematite. Black and gold copper chain. The bracelet is fastened with a snap hook, which gives you the opportunity to adjust it to your own wrist size.
Bright green bracelet with 27 small flowers made with hand-made polymer mass. The size of the flower about 7 mm. Bracelet length 20 cm, chain and clasp stainless steel.
A pink necklace with a long chain. A pendant necklace made by hand from polymer clay in the form of small, densely arranged flowers. The diameter of the pendant is only 2 cm, the size of precisely made flowers is about 5 mm each. Amaranth ball chain with a total length of about 68 cm.
A beautiful necklace made of handmade white polymer clay with a bright orange-yellow print. Beads in the shape of hollow disks, sizes from 28 mm smallest to 40 mm largest. The pattern on the necklace was applied by screen printing using special polymer clay screens of the Polish brand Moiko silkscreens.
Very decorative necklace on a white rubber cord made of polymer mass. Patterns applied by hand to hollow beads inside, which makes the necklace light. Elements polished by hand and are satin to the touch.
Necklace on a steel cord in a purple eagle. Necklace made of polymer mass with print and finished to a high gloss. Print made by screens of the Polish company Moiko silk screens. Red, purple and gray decorations.
Bracelet with large glass beads. Characteristic glass for Murano glass with silver reflections inside. The bracelet due to the large amount of beads is quite massive which makes you hear the clink of bracelet elements sliding on your hand. The bracelet is fastened with a carabiner with the option of regulating its length. Chain - stainless steel.
Very delicate and beautiful bracelet in green. The bracelet is adorned with a small Murano glass bead. Bead size 13 mm / 10 mm. Green rubber cord and stainless steel fastener. The size of the bracelet can be adjusted to individual sizes.
Bracelet with a large white and silver glass bead. The interior of the bead in the style of Murano glass and size 18 mm / 12 mm. Additionally, rhinestone beads on both sides. Bracelet mounted on a gray rubber cord. Stainless steel clasp.
Bracelet made of glass beads in brown. Centrally placed glass bead in the side size of 18 mm/12 mm mm. The bracelet is fastened with a carabiner with the option of regulating its length. Metal elements - stainless steel.